Personal Journey



I LOVE travelling! I traveled a few years on an off as a teenager. I did a lot of growing up having fend for myself in a foreign country. But it made me grow in confidence and I recommend it to everyone. I am from Sweden and although I've lived in the UK for 22 years now I still see Sweden as home. England is my second home and it has treated me well giving me lots of opportunities. 



Here are my beautiful children. My girl is 22 and my boys 12 and 5. They have taught me more about myself than anyone I've ever met. I became a mother at 22 and my god was that a learning curve!

They continue to teach me how to be a better person and they challenge me every day! They have all so much to give the world and they are my everything.

Animal love and self care


I've always loved animals and was horse mad as a teenager. I loved spending time at the stable, riding and grooming them. I am now getting back in to riding and is helping looking after a horse close to where I live. Its therapy for me to groom and sniff the horse, pure bliss. I also have a little cat at home who is a real mamas boy. Hes in my lap in the evenings and cuddling him after a stressful day at work is lovely. 

I've also recently started to practice Mindful Movement which is an amalgamation of Yoga and Meditation, its fantastic and so calming.